… The Kingdom of Heaven

From the book ‘Treasures in Heaven’ …

To learn about heaven is to learn about the deeper spiritual life available to us as we learn to walk in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit has given gifts to the church. These gifts are to empower us for ministry today. But they are also glimpses into the life that will we will ultimately have in heaven.

Some will say spiritual gifts will not be needed in heaven. I say spiritual gifts are a foretaste of heaven and will continue in heaven. In heaven, we will see them in their full expression.

Some say spiritual gifts were solely for the formation of the church and so have not existed since the first century. I say our need for the supernatural is greater now than ever before. With the Holy Spirit’s power our ministry to the hurting will no longer be in our own strength. Also, (and the reason for this book) without the gifts of the Holy Spirit routinely reminding us of the spiritual realm and the incredible life awaiting us in heaven, we risk falling into a false belief system where heaven is either simply an intellectual state or a place meant for fleshly satisfaction.

The gifts of the Spirit empower for today and continually remind us of our tomorrow.