Gentleness and Speaking in Tongues

From the upcoming book “Fruit in Heaven” …

The key to the gift of speaking in tongues is a gentle spirit that is willing to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. If the gift of prophecy comes from being bold as lion, the gift of speaking in tongues comes from being gentle as a lamb. God wants us to be both. God wants us to get to the point where we quickly respond to gentle promptings of the Holy Spirit. For it is in the following of gentle promptings that an abundant joyful life comes.

During a recent time of worship at a Christian conference, God gave me a vision of the gift of speaking in tongues. And I looked and the Lord showed me the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing through the landscape of heaven. I could see and feel the weight and power of the wind. The wind had substance. It had the ability to move mountains. The Lord then showed me that the wind was being driven by the gift of speaking in tongues. The gift has the ability to move mountains in the spirit.

When the Lord Jesus taught that “if you had faith as a mustard seed you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20), He was referring to the reality of the gift of speaking in tongues. The truth of God is true on different levels. Though I do believe that mountains can move in the physical, I also believe that Jesus was speaking of a needed spiritual reality available daily to believers. Mountains in the natural are not our daily problem. Spiritual mountains are the real problems. We routinely put barriers and obstacles in the way of our spiritual journey. They’re hindering our walk with the Lord. In some cases, they have stopped the journey all together. If your spiritual walk feels ‘stuck in one place’, the answer is the spiritual gift of speaking in tongues.

There are tongues and voices to be used in your daily prayers. For example, voices of rejoicing, of sorrow, of laughter, of pleading and of repentance should all be a part of your daily prayers. The normal speaking of tongues is available for the daily need to express words and thoughts that go beyond the limitations of natural language. There are emotions that go beyond words that need to be expressed to God. Such tongues have great impact in the realm of the spirit. They move the heart of God. I used the phrase ‘normal speaking of tongues’, because these are different than the gift of speaking in tongues. The gift of speaking in tongues is imparted to speak to a specific situation. Normal speaking of tongues are private. The gift of speaking in tongues is public. It is the public declaration of the will of God to move and to change the spiritual landscape of a group, a church, a geographic area or even am entire nation. If private gift of tongues is the ability to speak to God from the heart, the public gift of tongues is the heart of God being declared to His people.

As I mentioned, it was during a recent time of worship at a Christian conference that God gave me this vision of the public gift of speaking in tongues. During the singing, I could feel the power of the wind of the spirit. I knew that God was moving. (And yes, during the singing I was feverishly typing on my iPad. Forgive me. I’m a writer.) At the end of the worship time, as the music had quieted (and yes, I had put away my writing), The public gift of speaking in tongues was suddenly heard. It was the Lord declaring His intention to create ‘a beachhead’ upon the spiritually dry geographic area in which I live. It has been my cry and the cry of many other Christians in the area for such to happen. And so, the declaration was of great comfort. Yes, Jesus! Come and change the landscape! Blow Holy Spirit! Move the mountains that hindering the advancement of Your kingdom!