From Multiplicity to Singularity

Just the title sounds mystic, doesn’t it? It’s actually something everyone does. When I’m at home, I’m a father and a husband. Hopefully, I’m good at being both.  At work, I’m an engineer by trade.  

Today, I’ve put aside for a moment those other things and I’m an author. Like being those other things, at times it involves sacrifice and God’s grace. It’s something I do because I know God has called me. The point being, to be any good at one, at least for periods of time, you must stop being the others.  

This morning, I started my day as an author. If you’ve read any of my books, you will know that that means I started my day on one of my ‘benches in heaven’, in one of the heavenly places that belong to me. It is on such benches that I spend  quality time with Jesus.  

The Lord has shown me that, when I am writing (as I am right now), that in heaven, I’m at my writer’s cabin that He has prepared for me. It is situated on a hill top. Inside is simply a bed, a table and a writer’s desk. It has a covered front porch with a porch swing where I can sit and look out over a beautiful valley. The Golden Retrievers that I have owned and that have died, like playing in the yard next to the cabin and like coming up and laying down on the porch next to me. At the cabin, I’ve laid aside being a father, husband or engineer to only be a writer. In other words, in being there, there is a special grace from God to be an author. And yet, at the cabin, except for the dogs, that keep me company (and they don’t talk) , I am alone. 

Also, at the cabin, the act of being a writer is in full gear. Ideas, thoughts, outlines, Bible verses and grammar swirl in my mind and spirit. Though I have taken the first step from multiplicity to singularity, I need to complete the journey. To do so, I walk from my front porch, down the path lined with roses, to my first bench in heaven that is situated on the brow of the hill. As I walk, I leave writing behind. As I walk, I breathe in deeply the intoxicating smell of the roses. As I walk, I can see in the distance, the Lord Jesus Christ sitting on the bench waiting for me.

At the bench, there is only one thing, the Lord Jesus Christ. At the bench, I’ve gone completely from multiplicity to singularity. If I start thinking about my writing (like I’m doing right now), I’ve traveled back up the path to my writer’s cabin and away from my bench where Jesus is sitting. Is Jesus at the cabin? Yes. He is everywhere. Is being at the cabin a sacrifice? Yes. But, at the cabin, I am doing what God has called me to do. In that way, being at the cabin is just as holy as being at the bench.

Some days, I want to simply stay at the bench, allowing Jesus to minister and to heal. And some days, The Lord allows that to happen. Most days, spending time at the bench inspires and empowers me to return to the cabin, or home, or work place to do the things He has called me to do.

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