Spending Time in the Cloud of Unknowing

As a modern Christian mystic, you need to spend time in ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’. You need to practice the presence of the Prince of Peace in your life. The modern twist on the ancient practice is not viewing the ‘The Cloud’ as a place of striving, but of resting. The ancient Christian mystics view The Cloud was that of a void that could only be pierced by the dart of love from the quiver of the mystic. The modern view needs to be that of a vast expense, an ocean of the presence of the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ.

The ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ is a place where only the Prince of Peace, and those who have been declared cleansed by the power of His blood can dwell. And so, it is a place where only the attributes of the Prince of Peace may dwell. No striving. No envy. No anger. No lust. No desire. No fear may be there. What the ancient Christian mystics got correct is that only love, peace, patience, joy, the fruits of the Holy Spirit may pierce The Cloud. Experiencing ‘The Cloud’ is experiencing the Prince of Peace.

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply. In faith, realize that He is there. He is always there. Waiting for you. Don’t think. Don’t strive to experience Him. No thoughts. Only emotion. Only love. Only peace. Don’t rush in and rush out (like I am doing, for your sake writing this). Plan on spending extended quality time being there. Let the Lord release you when He is ready.

People point out that I spend a lot of time imagining heaven, imagining my ‘benches in heaven’. When, the question should really be, what do I do once I take a seat next to Jesus in heavenly places. There are times when I go to Him for comfort and advice. There are times when Jesus has changes for me to make. But, most day, the purpose of sitting on the bench is simply to sit silently in His presence, and so be changed.

When I close my eyes, I don’t see darkness. I see the light. I see the presence of God. God has told me that I need to spend time daily basking in the light of God, basking in His presence.

As a Christian, right now, you are basking in the light and presence of the King of Kings. In faith, realize the reality of that true, right here, right now. Before the King, what do you do? Do you let your mind run amok? No! By God’s grace, you cease all striving. You soak in and enjoy the life-giving radiance of being in the presence of The King. This is our daily invitation. More than that, as Sons and Daughters of God we are expected to daily ‘present ourselves’ before the throne of God. Is this for judgment or condemnation? No! It is to receive life giving power and healing for our lives.

The author of ‘The Cloud’ defined the darkness that was the Cloud of Unknowing as the absence of all thought. The Cloud (and eventually God) was only experienced by emotion, void of any thought. I would argue that God is experienced within both. And so, the message of the modern Christian mystic is not to invalidate the one but to encourage the renewed practice of both.

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