Spending Time in Heaven

To be honest, my mystic path to routinely spending time in heaven did not start with some glorious revelation. It started because of a battle. The Holy Spirit started convicting me (John 16:8) that here was a battle going on in my mind and I was losing. I was (and am) a Christian. I had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the accompanying gift of speaking in tongues. I had been a student of the Bible for years. And yet, I was losing the only real battle that mattered. The battle between good and evil. The battle for my thought life. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t having illegal or immoral thoughts. I’m talking about the constant flood of ideas and images that daily bombard.

Bible study did provide come respite. Prayer did allow for some relief. But, the best these practices accomplished was a stand-off. The Holy Spirit convicted me that it was time to take the offensive in the battle for my thought life. Simply not having vain thoughts is not victory. A cessation of activity is not living the life of an overcoming Christian. Replacing vanity with righteousness is not a passive pursuit. It takes aggressive action. God has given me a mind. It was performing its God designed function by continually thinking. Shutting that down was not the answer. I just needed to use it for its God given purpose; to think, to imagine, to muse upon God and the things of the spiritual realm.

A strange thing happened when I started setting aside time daily to imagine and think upon God and the spirit realm. The Holy Spirit began showing me things, biblically based things, that I had never seen nor thought of before. After years and years of being a student of the Bible, the Holy Spirit truly became my teacher. Not that the Holy Spirit was not my guide and illumination while studying the Bible before. He was. But now what I was learning went beyond simply what was written on the page. There is a difference between reading about something and the experience you have by actually being there. You get an entirely new perspective. You experience emotionally the effect of the event on a very personal level. You experience the Reality and Truth which is the Bible.

But was experiencing the Reality of the spirit realm a Biblical thing to do? I did not want to ‘go off into error’! Was I being deceived? This is when my book “Benches in Heaven” occurred. Like all my books, it not a very long book. (I don’t believe in long books.) But, it is different in that, while most of my books involve weeks or months of prayer, study, research, writing and editing, “Benches in Heaven” was the result of a single God download through me to the page. It basically happened in one sitting. Sure, it went through some editing and revision, but it was essentially written in one session.

Through writing of the “… in Heaven” book series that followed, God created the conviction in me of the necessity, the Bible imperative of regularly spending time in heaven, in the spiritual realm. Heaven is our true home. Heaven is real. As Christians, it is our eternal true home. This physical life here on earth is a precious gift. But, from an eternal perspective, it is of short duration and it is not our intended, normal existence. And more importantly, to have a successful life in the here and now, to fully enjoy the gift of this life, to live an overcoming life, to live the life God meant for us to live we must view this life from the viewpoint of heaven. We must view this life from the perspective of the eternal, from being ‘grounded’ by daily experiencing out true home in heaven. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but was you can see, on the topic of the importance of spending time in heaven, I tend to get a little passionate!


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